Back to work I go!

It was my first day back at work yesterday – and I loved it! Besides a few new faces, and a few old faces gone, it definitely didn’t feel like I had been away for nearly seven months. Despite Amelia being home sick with Nanny and Poppa, the day was a total success. 

If there’s one thing that is going to make a first day back at work a whole lot smoother, it’s knowing your little one is have a cruisy day at daycare. We did two settling visits before starting, and to be honest, they were close to terrible. Maia was clingy, cried, and didn’t want to be left alone or given to anyone else. So when I dropped her off yesterday morning, and the initial handover resulted in some hyperventilating tears, my heartstrings were definitely having trouble walking out the door. I had this involuntary little waiver happening to my voice, and a bit of a frog stuck in my throat. But she stopped crying, and looked OK, so I took it as my cue to leave before one of us succumbed to tears again.

Of course for the first hour or two all that is playing in the back of my mind is will she sleep, will she eat, will she cry the whole time?? And just when I was about to pick up the phone and call to check on her, I get an email from the lovely ladies at daycare to say she’s popped off to sleep no trouble at all. Phew! Time to breath. I gave them a call a few hours later and couldn’t help but thank them profusely because she had been playing, had eaten and had slept for a massive 2.5 hours. Couldn’t ask for a better first day for Maia!

There’s not a whole lot I can say about Amelia’s day, she’s on medication that hypes her up for the entire day, so I can be grateful she managed to fit in a nap in the early afternoon whilst riding in the car. But she played, ate and played some more, and isn’t any sicker, so considering the circumstances, not a bad day for her either.

I remember when I returned to work after Amelia was born, I was extremely apprehensive about it all. I cried for two weeks prior. I was nervous, unsure and scared. And back then – Amelia was coming to work with me! I was working half days in the office, and the rest at home. This time round, I couldn’t have been more excited. I was looking forward to spending time in the office with my colleagues and friends. I couldn’t wait for some adult conversation, topics that weren’t about Ruby Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Max Wolf (Max & Ruby – Red Riding Hood episode incase you didn’t work it out). I was looking forward to having a reason to get dressed in something other than “Mum clothes”.

I function best when I have organisation and structure in my days. When I have somewhere to be, a plan for the day, my time management skills just take over. I’m more likely to be motivated to clear dishes away, pack bags, get to bed early and wake up early if I know there is a timeline of activities for the day. I’ve loved being a stay-at-home Mum, but some days it can be such a mission to just make time for breakfast before 11am! My organisational skills would stretch far enough to make sure the kids were fed, changed and put to bed regularly, but my motivation to be an adult was lacking. Until the kids were in bed late at night, when I finally found my energy. Not ideal when you still have to get up to the kids the next day.

It’s a bit of an awkward moment walking into the office to a desk that has always been mine, but has become home to others while I’ve been away. But I soon fixed that with a new keyboard, and a few pens. Although I’d been doing a few hours working from home, my emails were an endless list, so it was a job that would inevitably have to be addressed. I had a meeting, caught up with some old faces, answered lots of emails, met Jono and Ben who happened to pop in to visit. I ticked a bunch of things off my to-do list, and actually felt like I had made some accomplishments. It felt great! It was awesome leaving work at 3.30pm, knowing that  my day had been productive.

Even though being a Mum is extremely important, sometimes it can feel like there is no end to the tasks each day. They just keep coming. There is always another nappy to be changed, mouth to be fed, bottle to be washed. So it was a cool feeling knowing I had managed to complete some tasks at work. It’s the reason I knew I needed to return to work. My days might be longer, more hectic, involve a whole lot more driving now, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. My kids are getting the best of me on my days off, because I am getting some adult time when I go to work.

Fingers crossed my working days continue to be this great!


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