Recipes and Tips for Slow Cooking this Winter

This week we bought a new slow cooker and I am super excited! We’ve had one in the past, but because someone (husband) didn’t take care of it, we needed a new one. I’m one of those people who needs to play with new toys as soon as I get them, so I spent the morning scrolling through Pinterest for Slow Cooker Recipes.

I found this Spaghetti Bolognese recipe on Pinterest and it was so easy to chuck together I had to give it a go today. This recipe required browning the mince and onions beforehand, which I did because I was home for the day, but if you don’t have time for that there are plenty of recipes where you stick your meat straight in with all the other ingredients. The best part is this recipe fed the whole family – even Little Miss!

Here’s why I love the Slow Cooker in the winter:

  1. It’s so easy! Just chuck everything in the Slow Cooker, leave it for the day and dinner is ready when you need it to be. No need to constantly watch/stir/add ingredients at different times;
  2. You can cook in bulk. The slow cooker we bought has a 5.5L dish so you can make a big meal and portion it off for lunches or freezer meals. This is extra handy for hubby who needs big lunches to get him through his big days at work;
  3. You don’t need expensive meat. In fact – cheaper meat is great for the Slow Cooker. It’s such a slow process that no matter what you put in there, you’re more than likely going to get great results;
  4. It’s not just for dinner meals. There are some great recipes around for puddings and breakfast meals that can be cooked in the Slow Cooker.

I’m a big Pinterest fan, so I put together a Board for all my Slow Cooker Recipes. I’m really looking forward to testing them out over the next few weeks. If you’ve got a favourite slow cooker recipe, why not share it below and I’ll give it a go.


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