Lisa’s Story – How to be authentic

My lovely friend Lisa is truly one of a kind. She and her partner Mike have created an online programme for everyday folk called Just Do You. It’s about learning to be your true authentic self and learning to live a life you love. Today she shared this beautiful story on Facebook – this is Lisa’s authentic self. I’m so proud of her for being incredibly open and 100% completely vulnerable. Please take some time to check out the awesome work Lisa and Mike are doing with EKOYou, they are a wealth of knowledge and truly care about nothing more than supporting people through the moments of life.

Lisa’s story is an inspirational one, full of challenges, courage and change. She’s experienced more than most and still manages to be the beautiful person she is today. Here is her story:


2 thoughts on “Lisa’s Story – How to be authentic

  1. What an amazing story and how amazing your friend is. I had a pretty good up bringing but I know that through that and having kids myself it has made me see the impact that your comfort zone and how your security is shaped through this and this ultimately does form who you are. What a wonderful person to keep striving forward even after being so down, I wish your friend every happiness and success in living the best life she can and it sounds like she will. Definitely interested in checking out their page.


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