10 Great Baby Shower Gifts That Aren’t Toys

Have you ever been invited to a baby shower and wondered what on earth you should buy? Whether it’s because you don’t have children yourself, or it’s a second child and you have no clue what Mummy will need, here are a few suggestions for buying gifts that aren’t toys. Because as much as toys are great, these are some really handy items that Mum-to-be will find useful.

1. Nappies. Seriously – every baby is going to need them, there is no escaping this one! And it’s a nice surprise when you realise there is a week of nappies covered already. Be sure to check whether Mum-to-be is considering disposables or modern cloth nappies. There are some great diaper cake ideas on Pinterest like this simple one:

2. Wipes. When I was pregnant with Little Miss #2, whenever possible I would buy an extra pack of wipes from the supermarket. I also picked up a bulk pack of wipes for really cheap online. By the time Little Miss #2 arrived, we had a six month supply of wipes stocked away. It was brilliant! Anything you can give Mum-to-be that she won’t need to buy later on (you know – the essential stuff) will be much appreciated.

3. Books. I’m a big fan of books. Provided your child doesn’t rip the pages out or completely deface them (like Miss Toddler has done several times), they’ll last for years. Regardless of age, little ones are never to young to be read to, so having something fun for Mum-to-be to read is always a plus.

4. Photography Voucher. This was one of my favourite gifts from my second Baby Shower. We had already decided to get pregnancy and newborn photos done second time round, something we didn’t do while I was pregnant with Miss Toddler. And it was such a nice surprise to receive a voucher to go towards the cost of the photos. Just a little note though – make sure you look into the costs of the photographer you are getting the voucher from. Try not to give a voucher for something the Mum-to-be will then need to match (or more) to actually get the prints. Or better yet – have a sneaky chat to see whether she has already booked any photos, or has a family photographer they use. 12308325_10153265302578857_1739242221458172903_n

5. The Essential/Basic Clothes. Often we get caught up in buying the cutest little outfits for the new baby, but there are a few items you can never really have too many of (especially if they’re in a few sizes) and definitely come in handy. The essentials and the basics cover things like socks, singlets and onesies. And depending on the time of year – some merino outfits will always be welcome for winter.

6. Feeding Spoons & Bowls. Something else that is going to be inevitable – the baby will one day start to eat solids. So having baby spoons and bowls tucked away already means Mum doesn’t have to think about buying some when the time comes. You could even put together a little gift box with a few ready-to-eat baby meals from the supermarket also. Or a packet of Farex. Just remember to check the expiry dates and look for something that’s okay to eat in about six months time. I love these Nuby Hot Safe Spoons from The Warehouse for $7.99NZD. They will change colours if the food is too hot for baby to eat.

7. Baby Store Vouchers. If you’re really stuck on what to get, why not get a voucher for a baby store. That way Mum-to-be can head in and pick what she knows she really needs. Or she can save it until after baby arrives, and pick something out then. She may even be able to use your voucher to go towards some of the bigger purchases like a carseat, baby carrier, high chair or nursery items (such as a cot). Vouchers may not have as much of a personal touch as some other gifts might be, but they will be appreciated none-the-less. If you’re not sure about which Baby Store to go to – why not try The Warehouse or Farmers instead.

8. Homemade Meals. A promise for homemade meals for when the baby comes can be a real lifesaver. Especially with your first baby, when everything is brand new, it’s great to know that someone has the food covered. Babies tend to have this thing about wanting to be fed, or changed, or held, or just generally being upset right around dinner time, so any time you don’t have to spend in the kitchen is a great thing. Freezer-type meals, bulk meals, or cooked and delivered on the day will all be gratefully welcomed.

9. Winter Woollies. We had an Autumn baby and a Winter baby and both were in woollen outfits when they were first born. And we treasured them. A lot were handmade for the kids, or handed down from family which meant a lot. You just can’t beat little woollen hats, booties and cardigans for babies.

10. A gift for Mum. Pregnancy is a mammoth journey, especially near the end. So why not give Mum a little gift just for her. A voucher to get her hair or nails done, a movie date, a massage, or a great new book she’s been wanting to read. Mums-to-be deserved to be pampered before their whole world changes.

Of course Mum-to-be is going to be super grateful for any gifts she receives, so try not to worry to much about what to get. When the gift comes with love – that’s all that really matters. 

Mums – what else would you put on your top ten list for baby shower gifts that aren’t toys?

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