Kiwi Mummy Blogs Review – Healthy Kids Cookbook

If there is one thing that makes my husband cringe, it is seeing a new cookbook on the dining table. He has this crazy idea that I’m not a good cook. I mean – so I’ve burned the bottom of a few pots in my day, who hasn’t? So when I told him Kiwi Mummy Blogs had sent me the Healthy Kids Cookbook to review, I couldn’t help but grin as I watched his reaction.

All recipes in the book have been designed by a nutritionist and are relatively simple with easy to find ingredients. One thing I struggle with when I find a great healthy recipe on Pinterest, is then having to search through supermarkets and various other shops to find the foreign ingredients that no one has ever heard of. Whilst this book definitely has opted for some of the healthier alternatives (spelt flour, coconut oil etc), they are all super easy to find in the supermarket. I also like the fact that the ingredients lists are limited. There isn’t ten herbs, spices and vegetables that need to be added. Many of the recipes have no more than five or six ingredients.


I love that this book is not only full of great recipes for kids, but also encourages you to cook with your children! Great little tips on every page for how your child can be involved in the process. Miss Toddler loves helping in the kitchen, so she was super excited when we got to making the Cheesy Bread Bites.

If you’re first time parents wanting to do your own foods when baby starts solids, this has some great information and recipes for you. Even though our Little Miss is 9 months, and it’s second time round for us, I liked checking out the recipes for her. The book gave me a few reminders for what she could be having at this age, and we even tried some new options like kale. Sometimes you can get stuck in the same rotation of foods and forget the need for variety in textures and flavours.

Although there is only one real cake-y type recipe, I enjoyed trying some other sweet (and not sweet!) treats. The Spelt Pizza base was a real hit with Miss Toddler, and hubby even took some to work with him for lunch. The Spinach, Feta and Ricotta Filo Parcels were also a definite pleaser – having never worked with Ricotta before, I was pleased it came out the way it should! We added pumpkin as well just for a little extra goodness in it. I also love the idea of making my own ice cream and toppings, which I am super eager to try sometime soon.

It’s definitely a cookbook that you will use more than once. The recipes are simple, quick and easy to follow. The food is yummy and knowing that they’re relatively healthy options for your kids is definitely a plus. It’s a book that will last the family for years, following your kids through from wee tots to family dinners and special occasions.

Even my husband couldn’t argue that the recipes we tried from this cookbook were really good, and I think he was secretly, pretty impressed that I didn’t have any kitchen malfunctions. It was a great book to review, and I would definitely recommend it to you all.

So if you’re looking for a new cookbook to add to your collection, grab a copy here today!

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Healthy Kids CookBook Review

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Healthy Mummy. I received a free sample of the product mentioned. All opinions are my own.


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