Keeping your home clean and your sanity when you have kids – Ryan Barlow

We all know that kids have a talent for making messes. They just love to scatter things around and leave greasy fingerprints on the couch. Sometimes those messes can give you little heart attacks. But you know what? You can still keep your sanity intact. You just need a few tips to keep things from getting out of hand. Check out these five ideas on how to do it:

1. Create a cleaning routine

It goes without saying that you should create a cleaning routine encompassing every cleaning job that needs to be done around the house in the week. It will help you to stay ahead of the cleaning. It is best to write down all the tasks in a notebook or on your computer so that you can keep track of the things that need your attention on the daily. Sit back and think about all the chores you face. Consider on which days it will be best to do those chores. Some days will be devoted to decluttering, others to deep cleaning.

Of course, your cleaning routine has to suit your schedule and needs, so feel free to rotate the chores whenever your needs change, and don’t forget to save one day for rest. It is essential that you spend enough time in bed for your own sake and for the sake of everyone else. Your kids need a well-rested mother that can attend to their needs.

2. Involve your kiddos

Children love to imitate grownups. They probably won’t be thrilled to do some of the chores but they will like being helpful. If you put them in charge of cleaning some of the days and you make them feel like they are about to do something big, they will probably love to lend a hand. Of course, you would not expect your small ones to help with the dishes or clean out the fridge. You should task them with age-appropriate cleaning jobs. Like having them put away their toys.. Whatever you choose though, make sure you do not leave them unsupervised while cleaning with household products.

Unfortunately, children have short attention spans so you will need to constantly remind them why they are doing it and how big a favor they are doing you by helping you out with the chores.

3. Wake up before your offspring

A great rule of thumb is to wake up early in the morning before everyone else so you have some more time to put the house in order. Easier said than done – I know. But when no one is around, you will finally be able to get yourself together and do all the things that you couldn’t get around to doing the day before.

Another tactic you could use is to spend half an hour before going to bed on doing the dishes, putting toys away and straightening the cushions. It is much better to start a new day to a clean house than to waking up to a pigsty.

4. Put everything in its place

If everything is put back right where it belongs after each use, you will rarely have to do any decluttering because everything will be in its place. Try to develop a habit of putting things away after use and teach your kids to do so too. This will go a long way.

5. Remember that no home is perfect

Your house will probably look like a bomb has exploded for the next 18 years or so, so you will just have to get used to it. The sooner you do so, the better. Just keep calm and enjoy those rare moments when your home is fairly clean and neat. There is no point in being mad about it. Just learn to juggle between entertaining your kids and household chores, so you can move on with your days fairly easy.

Contributed by Ryan Barlow – Call After Builders Cleaners 


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