Fathers Day Shopping Guide

Fathers Day is fast approaching in New Zealand, it falls on the first Sunday of September each year. It’s always been a double celebration because my Dad’s Birthday is 1st September so normally they are just days apart. As a kid, I vividly remember buying a lot of the same things for my Dad each year. Socks, funny t-shirt, mugs that say #1 Dad or Best Dad in the World. The “real present” would be what we gave him for his birthday.

In our house, I’ll often try to put together a homemade gift with the kids, or at the very least a homemade card (normally the kids painted hand prints smudged all over the paper). Charlene from Teacher by Trade, Mother by Nature actually has collected some great ideas for making homemade Fathers Day gifts. This year though, I’m feeling a little guilty as I happen to be heading off to Fiji for five days (alone – eek!) and it falls over Fathers Day. So I’m getting a store-bought gift to soften him up a little. I’ve put together a list of my favourite shops for finding the ultimate Dad gift that isn’t a pair of socks, funny t-shirt, or a mug.

MGold Parker Penister Minit

Something different, but there are two reasons Mister Minit makes the list. Firstly – Parker Pens. I love them! Who knew Mister Minit sold Parker Pens?! And when you match them up with Mister Minit’s engraving, you get a really cool personalised gift for Dad. So if Dad is the office type this could be a really cool gift!

But really it’s the engraving I think makes the perfect finishing touch to a gift. Engraving starts from $12.90 for five letters ($4.00 for every five letters after), so even if it’s not the pen you’re after, it’s worth keeping the engraving in mind. I had a pendant engraved for Tyrone at Mister Minit about six years ago, and it’s been really special ever since. Image: Mister Minit

logo (1)Ticketek

The reason Ticketek makes the list, is there’s normally an option to suit anyone! Whether your partner is a musical soul, a rugby fanatic, or even a Lego enthusiast there’s something that’ll suit everyone. I’m one who really likes the idea of gifting experiences over items, so this is definitely high on my list. Image: Ticketek

Bunnings Warehouse

Bunnings Warehouse

Many of our gifts have been bought at Bunnings! They’re a great one-stop shop for project supplies (both indoor and outdoors), household fix-it stuff, work needs and more. This is one of those shops you could go to without knowing what you want, and the staff could help you pick the perfect gift.

The last gift we bought from Bunnings was a Jig Saw for Christmas and we were really happy with the service we received. What’s better is the Te Rapa – Hamilton branch has a cafe and a playground for kids! So make a trip of it and have a coffee while the kids play for it. Image: Bunnings Warehouse

T9400070618326_00_ehe Warehouse

The Warehouse actually joined my list because we happened to be visiting the shop and my husband spent 15 minutes looking at all the Rivet Workwear. Over winter he thrashes his work clothes, working in lots of different weather conditions, environments and he’ll often come home covered in foam, or grease or other unknown substances that have stained his clothes or singed holes in them. So while this is a very practical gift, I know it would come in handy and be well received.

Of course being The Warehouse, there are loads of other products that would fit the bill for Fathers Day. Music, books, movies and games. Appliances and electronics. Even a funny t-shirt, a pair of socks or a Dad is The Best mug. Image: The Warehouse

What stores make your favourite gift shopping list? Share your favourites below! I’d love to know where you shop for your non-sock gifts. 

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Mister Minit. I received a free sample of the product mentioned. All opinions are my own.


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