5 Activities to try with Formula Tins

Up until recently, our formula tins went straight in the recycling bin – at least one a week. But thanks to some great Pinterest ideas, and a little imagination, the kids and I have spent some time recycling them at home! Check out our ideas below, and feel free to share your own too!


Before even working out what we were going to make, we spent the afternoon painting the tins. I did a quick coating of white spray paint initially, then gave Amelia the paint and the brushes to get creative.

Bird Feeder
This was Amelia’s idea. She loves all the birds out in the garden. So just like Mum Endeavours’s Bird Feeders we glued a small piece of dowel to the open end of the tin (for the bird to stand on) and tied a ribbon to it to hang it outside. We filled the tin with bird food and waited for the birds to come! Which they did – and she was very happy about.

Image Source: Mom Endeavours

Peg Tin
Maia loves putting things into containers at the moment, and I saw something like this at daycare, so decided to make one for her at home too. I simply cut a big hole in the lid (big enough for her to fit her hand through it) and glued the lid onto the container. Gave her a pack of wooden pegs and she was good to go! You could also use pom poms, beads, and make the holes smaller as their eye-hand coordination improves.

14284919_10153890644913857_1962706456_o     14285365_10153890644883857_843423135_o     14273394_10153890644848857_2015262904_o

Pot Plants
It’s a great time to plant some flowers now that Spring is here and the weather is slowing warming up. We’ve planted sunflower seeds and lettuce and Amelia is enjoying watering them and waiting for them to grow.

We haven’t made one yet but my niece made one at her kindy. CHeck out these cool ideas by Lewis Music Store.

Homemade Drums
Image Source: Lewis Music Studio

Outdoor Lanterns
This is one of my favourite ideas I’ve found! I haven’t made them yet, but found a really cool tutorial here. You freeze them with water first so that the tin retains it’s shape when you are making the holes in the tin. Once finished, pop a tea light candle in and you’re done! For a smaller version, you could also use a spaghetti tin.

Image Source: Pinterest

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