Why we’re not doing Halloween

I’m going to go against the grain tonight… and maybe you’ll think I’m a bit of a party pooper, but this is how I roll. It’s a week til Halloween, and I don’t plan to tell my children about it.

I’ve done Halloween myself plenty of times, Halloween parties, themed days at work, and don’t get my wrong, I know it’s loads of fun. But when it comes to my kids, it’s just well, the fact it’s fun doesn’t convince me to do it. Besides the fact my three year-old isn’t a fan of “scary”, I want my children to understand what they’re celebrating when they do.

We have dress ups in our house, loads in fact. The girls have costumes for nearly every princess and fairy possible, they have personalised superhero capes (that the very talented Trine from Smiley 🙂 Smalls made), a lady bug, a cow costume and many more.

Not a day goes by without someone rummaging in the dress up box. I love seeing the girls take on different roles, imitating different people (or animals!), well – really, Maia just does what she’s told – and using their imaginations. But when it comes to Halloween, it’s just not on my to-do list. And here is why:

  • Trick or treating is not something I would do with my children where we live. The idea of visiting strangers asking for treats just doesn’t sit well with me. Perhaps if we lived in a community where we knew everyone on the street it might be different, but right now it’s a no. We teach our children all year-long not to approach strangers, not to speak to strangers, and then on this one night of the year, we change our mind? At three years-old, I know this would just confuse the message that I really want my daughter to remember.
  • My kids don’t need the sugary treats. I honestly can’t think of any justification for going out to collect a bag full of chocolates and lollies. I know – you’re saying “it’s a oncer”, “it’s not all the time”, “it’s just a bit of fun”. But actually, I want to teach my kids to have fun without the need for sugary foods. They get treats from their grandparents more than necessary, so I’m quite happy to skip a night of sugar-fueled behaviour.

I just feel if I break it right down, my girls can dress up in costumes any day they like. And if I don’t want them having a sugar overload, what am I left with? I don’t know any children who know the history and background of how Halloween came to be, I doubt they even care. Then we get to the point where it really is a chance for businesses to grab an opportunity and run with it. Decorations, costumes, special treats, Halloween themed everything.

Maybe in a few years time my opinion will change. But for now, as cute as the photos are with little ones dressed up as pumpkins and skeletons and ghosts, we’re going to skip Halloween. 31st October will be just another day in our house. We’ll have dinner at the same time, the girls may play dress ups if they want to, but this year, it won’t be different to any other day.


14 thoughts on “Why we’re not doing Halloween

  1. I totally get this. We don’t celebrate Halloween either because spiritually it doesn’t fit with what we believe, Not many people seem to know the background and history – or haven’t investigated it. In our town they hold a ‘light party’ at the Cathedral in the centre of town. Kids dress up and play games. – and no scary costumes are allowed. It’s a nice alternative. I agree with what you have said about not knocking on doors, it’s interesting because it doesn’t feel like it’s really part of our culture and seems like another way for retailers to make money, and for people to jump on board and spend more.

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  2. I have often thought the same way, until I moved to a neighborhood where no one ever seems to be home at the same time. I’m hoping trick or treating (which for us is held at a very reasonable 6:00 pm), will finally give us a chance to meet some of the kids that I know live here!

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  3. We feel the same way here. I’ve never really done Halloween, we aren’t into ‘scary’ and we don’t eat candy so really there isn’t much left. My oldest started school this year and will be dressing up for her class party but we won’t be going out trick or treating.

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  4. I am an old lady living by herself. I do not do Halloween basically, the ones who came by have been rowdy teenagers.
    So, what is the norm? turn off all lights and hide in closet? is there a place to go?

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    1. I know what you mean Brenda! Last night (Halloween) I saw some houses had put Halloween decorations on their mailbox to indicate they were doing trick or treating. Perhaps we could put something on ours to say we’re not next year?


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