Monday Mentions – The Year of the Daffodil

Demelza from The Year of the Daffodil is a Mummy Blogger from New Zealand telling nothing but an honest, open, play-by-play of life as a parent. And often, in particular, life as a parent of a young girl. 

I resonate with so much of what she says, because when it comes to gender equality, and “girls can do anything boys can do”, she is spreading the message openly. And we all know I’d love to see less “boys toys” and “girls toys” sections in shops.

I particularly like following her on Facebook, where all her daily thoughts are reported, like this one here about how our thoughts of parenting will change.

My favourite post on her blog is this post about fear and vulnerability. It’s a great little thought provoker. Do you find it hard to accept help as an adult? Somewhere along the line has your pride stepped in to stop you from allowing yourself to be vulnerable?

If you’d like to check out more from Demelza, check her out on FacebookInstagram and on her blog.


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