Give me More Time + Jord Wood Watch Competition!

Make sure you read all the way to the bottom for your chance to win in my Jord Wood Watch competition!

Seriously – there is never enough hours in the day. When I was a student, there was never enough hours because I was always trying to finish an assignment (whilst working full-time). When I was pregnant there wasn’t enough time because nine months zoomed past faster than I could organise a baby’s bedroom. When I gave birth to Maia, there wasn’t enough time to get to the hospital, hence her birth happening in my parents hallway! (You can read all about THAT story here)

And now that I’m a parent of two, who works, there is definitely never enough time. To read a book. To cook dinner. To do washing (loads and loads and loads of washing – it is never-ending). So how do we make it all work? How do we make the most of the time we do have, instead of dwelling on all the things we wish we could or know we should be doing? Because all that dwelling is wasting our time that we could be using.

I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, realising that only spending 20 hours in the office at work now is actually really restricting. So I have to be precious with my time. I have to learn to prioritise and organise my time a whole lot better. But the same goes at home too. I only have so many hours at home each week with my girls, so I want to be making the most of that time too. I gave up my full-time job so that I could spend time with the girls, I want it to be quality time. Not sitting in front of the TV all day ignoring each other.

So I have two new rules to follow. Number 1. I’m going old school and making a to-do list! Using a pen and notebook. I’ve actually always been a fan of notebooks, they’re great for scribbling notes, ideas and reminders. I’ve been trying to use the calendar on my phone, but to be honest I just move things around if I don’t feel like doing them. The completion rate just isn’t as great as I would like it to be. But with a handwritten to-do list, when I tick things off, it kind of gives a sense of accomplishment! When I can see that ten things have been ticked off for the day, I’m like “yea – that was a productive day!” It’s working for in the office, household chores, and keeping up with my blogging projects. So far so good.

Number 2. Less phone use. I’ve already eliminated the use of my calendar my introducing my to-do list in my notebook. I’ve decided I’m ditching the clock on my phone too. Why? Because I go to “check the time” on my phone (5 minutes after I last “checked the time”) and next thing you know I’ve lost ten minutes checking Facebook, emails, Snapchat, sending Snapchats, etc. And it just so happens that I have this wicked new watch to wear from Jord Wood Watches. The perfect staple to help me keep track of the time when I’m on the go, without the many other distractions that my phone holds.

What do you guys think? A to-do list and a watch – seems simple huh? I’ll keep you in the loop with how I get on over the next few months. I’m working on a new project too, so it’s a great opportunity to really test out my time management and multi-tasking skills with these new rules in place.

Jord Wood Watch Zebrawood & Champagne

Now – All About the Jord Wood Watch

When I was contacted by Jord and offered the opportunity to review their product, I was pretty surprised. Because I’m just a little old kiwi mum blogger, and they’re a well established store, selling gorgeous time-pieces in America. So with the modesty in me creeping out, I politely replied intending to decline, because, well, they’re in big America, and I’m in tiny NZ. But they came back to me with the line “Free Shipping Worldwide” and I realised, hey my NZ friends can totally check this store out! So I happily accepted. And after selecting the very cool Frankie 35 Zebrawood and Champagne watch, I waited patiently for it to arrive. For international shipping – it was incredibly fast!

I’m such a Plain Jane, that I’m not used to items arriving in the post, with as much attention paid to the packaging and presentation of the watch, as is to the watch itself. But this watch arrived in a wooden box, sitting on a cute little cushion and a bunch of bubble wrap. What a treat!

The watch itself is really quite gorgeous. Remembering the advice we got from the styling session we had with Erena Te Paa (the one where we ditched the mum fashion!), I knew this was a great accessory to compliment my daily fashion choices. The colours are light and natural, and will definitely go with anything from jeans and a cute top, to the classic little black dress (although Erena did teach us to always choose colour over black – good tip there!).

Why am I telling you how awesome this watch is? Because you could have one too! You can go in the draw to win a $75 voucher to use on your very own Jord Wood Watch. All you have to do is click the link below to enter, and you’re in the draw. If you don’t win – you’ll still receive a $20 voucher to go towards a watch, meaning there’s something in it for everyone.


Head over to Jord Wood Watches now to enter by clicking HERE and while you’re there, check out the range of watches. There are some sweet colours for both men and women! The competition closes on 13th November 2016, and it is open worldwide, because like I said above they do FREE SHIPPING worldwide!

This post was sponsored by Jord Wood Watches, but like always it is a collection of my own thoughts and opinions.

Luxury Wood Watch


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