One Year of Blogging – What I’ve Learned

Oh wow guys, I knew it was coming, but I didn’t actually realise it was today until I got the notification from WordPress. I officially started my blog one year ago today! My Facebook page was a wee bit later than this because for the first few months I was petrified of sharing my blog with anyone I knew, totally caught up wondering what the judgement of my peers would be. Vulnerability at its highest point!


But here I am now, still going (which in itself is a surprise), and not actually caring about what people think anymore. It’s been such a massive learning experience, a whole lot of personal growth has happened, and it’s helped me work through some big moments in my life, having something to focus on. I said to my friends when I first started, if after a year I am still writing regularly, I would make a real go of it. Because often I can start things with a hiss and a roar, but get tired of it really quickly. Looks like this blog is here to stay though.

When I first started writing, I had no idea what I was doing, but I just started anyway. And it’s been a defining lesson I’ve learned, whereby, I may not have a 100% plan set in stone, but starting is better than standing still for another six months. The old saying of wing it as you go, isn’t terrible advice! And so much has changed over the last year. I started aligning all my social media platforms, so that you can now find me on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat (amymc1ean) and even Twitter (although totally still trying to work that one out). I was approached by businesses with products to giveaway, and others for me to review, some of which blew my mind because I just felt like a little kiwi mum with a teeny tiny blog, how was I even recognised in the big world-wide web?! Collaborations and giveaways with Mud Mates, Mister Minit, Celcius Coffee, Centreplace Shopping Centre and others – completely unexpected, but enjoyed nonetheless.

blog-headerI was introduced to the world of bloggers, there are bloggers of all kinds, shapes, sizes and themes. And that’s how Monday Mentions came about, because I loved the idea of sharing with you guys, other inspirational and fun bloggers that are sharing their life with the world. I’ve loved meeting other Mum bloggers, reading their journeys, checking out their style and resonating with what they’re sharing.

I became a Kiwi Mummy Blogger and got to review some pretty awesome products for some of the businesses they work with like Mud Mates and My Fun Box. And I found a network of other Mum bloggers, all working together to help each other out.

I learned to get over the fact that some days all I would have to share are shitty moments, because Mum life isn’t all about perfection, well mine isn’t anyway. I realised that you guys will even relate to that, and totally make me feel good when you comment and tell me your similar stories. It’s times like that when I realise I am absolutely not alone in this whole Mum gig. And that you guys are my little tribe, keeping me company as I muddle my way through life as a working-stay-at-home Mum.

Family of FourSo I’m here for the long haul I’ve decided! What do you think? Will you stick around with me? Give me your feedback on Facebook, and if you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen over the last twelve months, why not share it with your friends too! The more the merrier I say, and I have loads of great stuff planned for this Mum tribe over the next twelve months (and more!) so they definitely want to be in on it too.

Thanks for being with me from the beginning, here’s to the future!

PS – Guys don’t forget the Jord Wood Watches competition is STILL open! To be in to win a $75 voucher just enter here. Plus everyone who enters scores a $20 voucher – it’s a win-win!


6 thoughts on “One Year of Blogging – What I’ve Learned

  1. Yay!! Congrats to you and 1 year! Definitely an accomplishment! Without blogging, I would have never have come across you and been able to share your wonderful stories, your amazing and inspiring words and your beautiful spirit that shines through in your writing. I feel lucky to have come across your blog and I feel honoured that you share your thoughts and journey with us and all the other people out in cyber world. Can’t wait to continue following along xxx

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    1. Thanks so much Suzy!! I have loved getting to know you too! I love how your integrity is always there, and you always share what is honest and real for you, you don’t just follow the trends. Xx


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