Goals, Resolutions, Plans for 2017

Phew it’s been a while! I’m a firm believer in not forcing myself to write blog post, so sorry guys if there’s massive gaps between posts. I like to write when I truly feel like writing. And this is one of those times.

For the past few years now I’ve decided against new year resolutions, mainly because I feel if I want to make a change in my life, why not just start any day of the week/year. And that’s exactly what I do. Lately, with moving house, starting the business and just general changes happening in our lives, I’ve been doing some self-reflection and have come up with some goals, coincidentally I’m starting them at the beginning of the year, but I’m not going to call them new year resolutions. They’re my life goals for right now. I thought I’d share them with you because I’ve always found the best way to be sure you accomplish something is when you have someone to be accountable to. And now I’ll have all of you! So here they are:

1. Declutter, Minimalise, Unhoard

We’ve moved twice in the past 7 months, so we have managed to biff a fair bit of stuff in both shifts, but then there are the boxes that have come with us, but not been opened the entire time. Baby clothes, kids drawings and paintings, crafts supplies etc. Well they’re going to get a makeover, it’s time for some of that stuff to shape up and ship out! I’ve been following Teacher by Trade, Mother by Nature for over a year now, and I’ve been fascinated by her Konmari journey. Whilst I don’t think I’m quite dedicated to go through all of this yet, I am definitely going to work on reducing the excess “stuff” we have been storing in our homes for years.

2. Plan and Organise

This comes in two parts. I want there to be more order in my house and in my life. So this means digging out the old diary and wall calendar and actually using them. And arranging my days and weeks with more structure and planning. For example I have Wednesdays and Thursdays at home each week, and I tend to dedicate one day only to business meetings. And with those, I try to book them all in within a few hours. So whilst it might be back to back meetings, it means I have a good chunk of time that I can dedicate to spending time with the girls.

Following on from our household declutter, more order in my house is on the list too. I want tidy cupboards, shelves and boxes stacked in the garage, toys in storage containers when they’re not being used… you get my drift!

I’ve seen some great chore charts, organisers, and planners at Kmart so I will definitely be making a few purchases from there over the coming weeks.

3. Read more kids books

I love reading, and I love kids books, but we had them stored in the play kitchen cupboards, and it was kind of like out of sight, out of mind. We just never read them. Maia would happily pull them all out and make a mess, or rip pages out of them… but not what I’m wanting. so at this house, I’ve put them on an open shelf in Amelia’s room and we’ve started reading them each afternoon and evening. And she’s even started looking at them by herself. We’re both loving this new routine, and the best part is, it’s helped with her sleeping enormously. Prior to moving, she was out of bed every. single. night. The last two weeks before we moved, we actually pulled her bed apart early because we just couldn’t get her to sleep in it (and it meant we could pack up her room a little earlier). She would sleep in the hallway, in our bedroom, in the lounge. Anywhere but her bed. So I’m really grateful that in her new bedroom in the new house, with our new routine, she is once again sleeping in her own bed, and not getting out at night. If all I have to do is read a few books each night, I am definitely doing it!

4. Quit the Guilt

It rears its head in various ways, when I’m at work, when I started my business and knew I’d be using some of the time I dedicated to the girls by working part-time, to build my business, when I am willing with all of my brain for the girls to go to sleep early so I can work or sleep or watch TV… Perhaps it’s a trait that comes with motherhood, or maybe it’s something embedded in me. But from now on I’m going to work a little harder on giving myself a break. And removing some of the guilt. It’s not serving anyone.

5. No More Takeaways

This one comes hand in hand with moving out to the country. There aren’t really any takeaway shops on our route home (without a detour) and there definitely aren’t any within a 5 minute drive from our house. So it’s been working out pretty well so far. We’ve had takeaways twice since we moved here (over a month ago) and I’m really happy with this (beats 1-2 times per week!). We’re working hard to change our mentality that takeaways are just for occasional and special treats.

So those are my goals! Now to make them habits. Some say it takes 21 days, some say 6 weeks. I’m just going to take it day by day, and hope that it sticks!


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