A shift in priorities

Hey guys, I know it’s been a really long time since I last wrote a post. Two months in fact. It’s not for lack of wanting to, I’ve just had no clue what to write about. Which is crazy because there is so much going on in my life right now.

But I think that’s the problem. There is so much going on in my life, I am mentally drained when I go to sit down and try to write for my blog. I always wanted to write off the cuff, on real stuff that was happening for me at the time, feelings that I was going through right then and there. I wasn’t so much of a themed or planned blogger (I did try sometimes though!), my writing flowed more authentically when I just wrote.

I realised recently that I’m doing you all a bit of a disservice, by not keeping up with the blog. Although if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you’ll at least be keeping up to date with what I’m doing on regular basis. 

I started this blog a few weeks after Miss #2 was born, and she’s now coming up two years old in September. It was a means to express myself, mostly during middle of the night feeds, as I learned to adapt to our new life with two kids. It was place for me to use my brain, which never really stops humming, during those days when I felt like mum life was turning me into a zombie. And it was great! I had something to focus my time and energy on, I gained a little traction, I got sent some freebies to giveaway and to review.

And then this year happened. I took an enormous leap and went into business. I’m still working part-time at Les Mills, but my evenings and spare days are absorbed with business development and client work. It was scary. And exciting. And unknown. When I say my time is absorbed with it, I mean well and truly. Because not only did I start M4 Collective – my events and marketing business, I launched Let’s Lead NZ, a hub for empowering ladies.

While all this was happening, my little blog sat here neglected, because the work part of my life was tipping the balance. Which is ironic because my blog has been about my journey to finding the elusive work life balance. But I’ve realised something over the past few months, about what it means to have work life balance. For me anyway. I don’t think it’s about having 50% of your time at work and 50% of your time on leisure and family. I don’t think the two can ever be balanced perfectly in this way. Here’s what I do think…

For me right now, work is massive. I’m trying to grow two businesses whilst working a part-time job. Some days I’m sacrificing sleep, family time, routine and entertainment. Why? So that in the long-term, I can prioritise all those things. Work life balance for me is about balancing those aspects throughout your life. There are some days, weeks, months or even years in your life when things are tipped heavily more one way than the other. I think the key is to be able to make sure that somewhere down the track, you are able to tip it back the other way for sometime too.

Is this a justification for the sacrifices I’m making right now? Possibly. Probably. But it has some substance. We just can’t do everything at once (believe me, I’ve tried). We can’t be in two places, we can’t spend money we haven’t earned, we can’t work when we haven’t taken care of our health.  We simply can’t.

So we have to be aware of our actions. Take a helicopter view of our lives occasionally and shift the priorities when the balance has been tipped one way for too long, before it gets out of control. I’d like to be able to look back at the end of my life, and be happy knowing that over all the years, I spent time working and I spent time with my family and doing things I loved, and neither one gives me regrets.

Where to now for the blog?

I wanted to actually write it down and tell you guys, rather than just let it fizzle out, because I’ve enormously appreciated all of you following along over the past nearly two years. The blog isn’t going away, it’ll still be here on the internet for all to read whenever they come across it, but I can’t promise any blog posts in the near future. As much as I’d love to keep it up, for now, I’m parking it. That’s not to say I won’t be writing at all anymore, you might just find it in different places. I will still have  Facebook and Instagram so you guys can keep up to date with what the kids and I get up to, and all the funny parenting memes I share.

Here’s the really important part. I’d love you guys to continue on my journey with me, by following Let’s Lead NZ on Facebook and Instagram. If you’re in NZ, come along to one of our meet ups! We’re launching in new cities every few months, with loads of exciting plans in the pipelines. Let’s Lead NZ will have a website by the end of September, and that’s when all the really cool stuff will come out. You’ve been on this rollercoaster of parenting and working and juggling with me up until now, I’d love to keep you along for this new journey I’m on!

So thanks so much for your support, for your comments, your ideas, your tips and your feedback. Keep in touch on Facebook or Instagram and every now and again you might see a wee blog post from me.

Amy x


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