Playground Review – Te Kowhai Village Green

I thought I’d put together some reviews of local playgrounds in the Waikato,  because if you’re anything like me as a parent, some days you just need to get out of the house. We have a cafe 2 minutes walk from our house which has an awesome playground, but sometimes, I just like to go somewhere we can take a little picnic, and not need to spend any money. There are some AWESOME playgrounds are nowadays, with everything from themed play areas, to water play, abstract play equipment, flying foxes and bike tracks.

Now to the review of Te Kowhai Village Green.

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5 Activities to try with Formula Tins

Up until recently, our formula tins went straight in the recycling bin – at least one a week. But thanks to some great Pinterest ideas, and a little imagination, the kids and I have spent some time recycling them at home! Check out our ideas below, and feel free to share your own too! Continue reading “5 Activities to try with Formula Tins”

Kiwi Mummy Blogs Review – My Fun Box

I’ve always loved being creative, so when I was asked to do a review of a My Fun Box and it turned out to be the Arty Crafty Box, I was pretty excited. In a nutshell, My Fun Box is three projects in one box, delivered to your door. The Arty Crafty Box had everything you needed for the projects down to a plastic cup for your water, popsicle sticks for mixing, card to stop paint spreading. Some boxes you might need a few extra bits and pieces, but if you don’t already have an abundance of craft supplies, this is the perfect way for you to do three different activities without needing to buy anything else. Continue reading “Kiwi Mummy Blogs Review – My Fun Box”

My kid lines things up

We were hanging at Nanny and Poppa’s this morning, and within 10 minutes Amelia had dumped all the toys out and was busy lining the cars up. Mum jokingly said to me “oh that’s a bit OCD isn’t it”. I laughed, and my response was “well she is my daughter, and I’m a perfectionist so I’m not surprised.” I mean – she’s done a great job, even got all the smaller cars at one end.

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Today’s agenda with Miss Toddler – Christmas crafts

My latest in a growing list of reasons why I’m loving being a stay at home mum. Getting to do crafts with my little girl! Miss Toddler wasn’t able to go to playgroup today, as she has come down with a wheezy chesty cold, Continue reading “Today’s agenda with Miss Toddler – Christmas crafts”