Give me More Time + Jord Wood Watch Competition!

Make sure you read all the way to the bottom for your chance to win in my Jord Wood Watch competition!

Seriously – there is never enough hours in the day. When I was a student, there was never enough hours because I was always trying to finish an assignment (whilst working full-time). When I was pregnant there wasn’t enough time because nine months zoomed past faster than I could organise a baby’s bedroom. When I gave birth to Maia, there wasn’t enough time to get to the hospital, hence her birth happening in my parents hallway! (You can read all about THAT story here) Continue reading “Give me More Time + Jord Wood Watch Competition!”


Ditching the Mum Fashion!

When I was pregnant with Amelia, my sister Hayley was also pregnant with my nephew, who was born three months before Amelia. We’ve encountered many Mummy moments together, the milestones, the hurdles, the countless “phases”. And also the dreaded ‘Mum fashion’ trap. This meme sums it up perfectly.


We are more than okay with spending $100 on new clothes for the kids – but we’ll survive with $7 tights from KMart and a seven-year old cardigan. One pair of high heels for special occasions, sneakers and jandals for the rest. In fact – half my wardrobe belongs to my own Mum – she’s got comfy clothes sorted! Continue reading “Ditching the Mum Fashion!”

Be in to win a $25 Mud Mates voucher

This competition has now closed. Congratulations to Jennifer Barham!

So I’m actually super excited about this. The lovely team at Mud Mates have given me a $25 voucher to giveaway!

Not only do they have great coveralls that Maia loves, they have craft apronsoverpants and wicked painting gift packs! Be sure to head over and check out what they sell, then pop over to my Facebook page (or click the post below) and enter the competition. Continue reading “Be in to win a $25 Mud Mates voucher”