Did the Neighbours Hear That?

Do you ever stop and think, while you’re standing their yelling at your kids to stop slamming the door for the hundredth time in a row, shit – did the neighbours hear that? Or when your two toddlers are having simultaneous meltdowns, attempting to scream louder than the other, do you wonder what the neighbours must be thinking? It’s never really be on my mind, but today… If ever there was a day the neighbours would hear, it would be today. There was yelling, screaming, crying, slamming, throwing, pushing… You name it – it was happening at my house. Let me explain. Continue reading “Did the Neighbours Hear That?”

Goals, Resolutions, Plans for 2017

Phew it’s been a while! I’m a firm believer in not forcing myself to write blog post, so sorry guys if there’s massive gaps between posts. I like to write when I truly feel like writing. And this is one of those times.

For the past few years now I’ve decided against new year resolutions, mainly because I feel if I want to make a change in my life, why not just start any day of the week/year. And that’s exactly what I do.  Continue reading “Goals, Resolutions, Plans for 2017”

Keeping your home clean and your sanity when you have kids – Ryan Barlow

We all know that kids have a talent for making messes. They just love to scatter things around and leave greasy fingerprints on the couch. Sometimes those messes can give you little heart attacks. But you know what? You can still keep your sanity intact. You just need a few tips to keep things from getting out of hand. Check out these five ideas on how to do it: Continue reading “Keeping your home clean and your sanity when you have kids – Ryan Barlow”