The Night Before The Birthday Party

My husband looked at the bench where I’d laid out the party bags for the friends who were coming along, and said “Oh is there only six kids coming?” Innocent enough question, no emphasis on any particular word, but it immediately cut through me like a sword. It had unleashed a flurry of worry, fears, doubts and feelings of not being good enough that had been hovering near the surface waiting to emerge. I immediately began to think I’d let my daughter down by not inviting enough people. Why didn’t I invite more kids?? 

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Did the Neighbours Hear That?

Do you ever stop and think, while you’re standing their yelling at your kids to stop slamming the door for the hundredth time in a row, shit – did the neighbours hear that? Or when your two toddlers are having simultaneous meltdowns, attempting to scream louder than the other, do you wonder what the neighbours must be thinking? It’s never really be on my mind, but today… If ever there was a day the neighbours would hear, it would be today. There was yelling, screaming, crying, slamming, throwing, pushing… You name it – it was happening at my house. Let me explain. Continue reading “Did the Neighbours Hear That?”

Christmas at Kmart

Christmas retail is in full force now everywhere as you would expect, stores and malls have definitely decked their halls (see what I did there?!). Normally I’m immersed in Christmas festivities, overflowing with Christmas spirit, with Christmas music playing in the house all day long. But this year, the Christmas spirit hasn’t quite hit me yet. I’m putting it down to the fact I have a lot going on at the moment, and my mind is full of other stuff.

Unfortunately for my overfilled mind, Amelia is freaken loving Christmas this year. She has never been more excited about Santa coming, giving presents to people, singing Christmas songs and reading Christmas books. So in an attempt to get into my Christmas mood, we took the girls to see Santa yesterday and to pick up a Christmas tree. Where else would I go, but good old Kmart, where we picked up a 6ft Christmas tree for only $13! And if that’s not reason enough for you to get to Kmart quick-smart, I’ve put together this post the other awesome Christmas fun stuff I found that I will definitely be going back to stock up on before Christmas Day.

This post is a two-part series, so keep an eye out for Part Two – there are just way too many cool things for one post! In the meantime, I’d love to see what Christmas goodies you have picked up from Kmart. Head over to Facebook or Instagram and share your pictures with me. Just a little heads up, there might just be a giveaway coming with Part Two… From the very store these posts are all about!

Right – time for my Christmas favourites from Kmart:
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The Terror of Febrile Convulsions

When Amelia was 15 months old, we moved house. She was still getting used to the new house, so occasionally she would fall asleep on our bed if we were beyond tired of trying to get her to stay in bed. On one particular night, she had gone to sleep on our bed, and exhausted, we had fallen asleep next to her. She’s a deep sleeper, once she’s asleep it takes a bit to wake her (which I’m thankful for now that she is sharing a room with her sister!).

At just past midnight, we awoke to our wee girl rigid and shaking. Her face full of fear and I felt sick to my stomach. I was terrified. Continue reading “The Terror of Febrile Convulsions”

21 Questions for Amelia

We were sitting down watching a movie this afternoon and I thought it’d be fun to have a chat with Amelia. I always love hearing what her answers are to these types of questions, and listening to how they change over time. Why not try it with your own kids some time? Just copy the questions below and have to chat to them.  Continue reading “21 Questions for Amelia”

5 Activities to try with Formula Tins

Up until recently, our formula tins went straight in the recycling bin – at least one a week. But thanks to some great Pinterest ideas, and a little imagination, the kids and I have spent some time recycling them at home! Check out our ideas below, and feel free to share your own too! Continue reading “5 Activities to try with Formula Tins”

5 Tips for Fending off the Winter Bugs – Danielle Roberts

My lovely friend Danielle Roberts is a Holistic Nutritionist (BSc Human Nutrition) at Fuel Nutrition Ltd. She was kind enough to put together these tips for fending off the winter bugs that seem to hit our household every year! For more information from Danielle visit Fuel Nutrition Ltd on Facebook. Continue reading “5 Tips for Fending off the Winter Bugs – Danielle Roberts”