Goals, Resolutions, Plans for 2017

Phew it’s been a while! I’m a firm believer in not forcing myself to write blog post, so sorry guys if there’s massive gaps between posts. I like to write when I truly feel like writing. And this is one of those times.

For the past few years now I’ve decided against new year resolutions, mainly because I feel if I want to make a change in my life, why not just start any day of the week/year. And that’s exactly what I do.  Continue reading “Goals, Resolutions, Plans for 2017”


When Being the Stay-at-Home Mum Sucks

Sometimes the stay-at-home-mum part of my life sucks. Not all the time, but sometimes it does. And lately it has been sucking more than usual, because my lovely, talkative three-year-old is really pushing the boundaries in what she says and does. She’s defiant, argumentative, non-listening, and has learned the word ‘whatever’. At three. Not cool at all. 

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The Terror of Febrile Convulsions

When Amelia was 15 months old, we moved house. She was still getting used to the new house, so occasionally she would fall asleep on our bed if we were beyond tired of trying to get her to stay in bed. On one particular night, she had gone to sleep on our bed, and exhausted, we had fallen asleep next to her. She’s a deep sleeper, once she’s asleep it takes a bit to wake her (which I’m thankful for now that she is sharing a room with her sister!).

At just past midnight, we awoke to our wee girl rigid and shaking. Her face full of fear and I felt sick to my stomach. I was terrified. Continue reading “The Terror of Febrile Convulsions”

I’m Giving Birth Where?!

Lately I’ve been reflecting on the past a lot, and this is one moment that has been on my mind a lot. In just a few weeks, my wee baby will be turning 1. I can’t quite believe how fast that time has gone. I know people say it all the time, but seriously – it’s true! Everyone has their own unique birth story, and Maia’s is definitely one I didn’t expect.

The day you meet your midwife, you realise this person is going to be the narrator in your birth. You’ll write your birth plan with her, and she will make it happen. Want a water birth? Candles and essential oils? Want to give birth standing? On all fours? Whatever your preferences are, she will do everything she can to ensure it plays out safely. But what happens when your birth plan goes out the window? Seriously. Not a single thing goes to plan. Like the time I had a baby in my parents hallway. Yea that wasn’t planned.

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5 Tips for Fending off the Winter Bugs – Danielle Roberts

My lovely friend Danielle Roberts is a Holistic Nutritionist (BSc Human Nutrition) at Fuel Nutrition Ltd. She was kind enough to put together these tips for fending off the winter bugs that seem to hit our household every year! For more information from Danielle visit Fuel Nutrition Ltd on Facebook. Continue reading “5 Tips for Fending off the Winter Bugs – Danielle Roberts”

Ditching the Mum Fashion!

When I was pregnant with Amelia, my sister Hayley was also pregnant with my nephew, who was born three months before Amelia. We’ve encountered many Mummy moments together, the milestones, the hurdles, the countless “phases”. And also the dreaded ‘Mum fashion’ trap. This meme sums it up perfectly.


We are more than okay with spending $100 on new clothes for the kids – but we’ll survive with $7 tights from KMart and a seven-year old cardigan. One pair of high heels for special occasions, sneakers and jandals for the rest. In fact – half my wardrobe belongs to my own Mum – she’s got comfy clothes sorted! Continue reading “Ditching the Mum Fashion!”

5 Tips For Keeping Active as a Parent

Working in a gym, people expect you are immune to lack of motivation to exercise, and temptation to eat bad food. They make assumptions that you’re a fitness freak because your wardrobe is 90% active wear. Only 90% because you know – I own some pyjamas and stuff.

Unfortunately when they talk to me, they realise actually – this chick is not our #fitspo. Continue reading “5 Tips For Keeping Active as a Parent”