A Little Less Judgement – A Little More Love

I read a post on a community page online tonight, a Mum whose daughter had been injured in a hardware shop because a vanity had fallen on her face. The Mum had posted pictures and the story to warn other parents to take extra care of their children, and to alert them to the fact this particular store had no first aid kit available at the time. She had taken her eyes off her daughter for two seconds to lift an item, and her daughter had unintentionally managed to pull the vanity down on top of her. She was two-years old (she’s fine by the way – bumps and scratches but doing okay according to the messages). Continue reading “A Little Less Judgement – A Little More Love”

How I Feel My Fears Let Down My Child – Suzy Lyons

One of the things I love about having a blog is the people I’ve met. Suzy Lyons has a blog called In the Lyons Den and writes about her experiences as an imperfect mum juggling the balance of life and kids, winging it all as she goes. She so kindly wrote this post for me about how it feels when your own fears cross paths with your children.  Continue reading “How I Feel My Fears Let Down My Child – Suzy Lyons”

This Is Our Now – Not Our Forever

Recently we moved house, leaving our lovely rural home for town life again. It wasn’t a choice we wanted to make, but we’re renters (for now!) and the owners decided to sell the house we were living in. When we first found out six months ago, I broke down. Literally had a meltdown. I couldn’t sleep, didn’t want to get up, my appetite was absent (which for anyone who knows me, will know that is a big deal). Continue reading “This Is Our Now – Not Our Forever”

Coping with a Toddler in Daycare Transition

One thing I’ve learned being a parent is that it is incredibly hard to not step in and help your children every time they are confronted with a difficult situation. As parents it is our natural instinct to want to protect our babies, to keep them from harm, confusion, fear, disappointment, heartache… the list goes on. We want to wrap them in cotton wool and cover them in bubble wrap. Did the phrase “helicopter parent” just enter your mind?  Continue reading “Coping with a Toddler in Daycare Transition”

Lisa’s Story – How to be authentic

My lovely friend Lisa is truly one of a kind. She and her partner Mike have created an online programme for everyday folk called Just Do You. It’s about learning to be your true authentic self and learning to live a life you love. Today she shared this beautiful story on Facebook – this is Lisa’s authentic self. I’m so proud of her for being incredibly open and 100% completely vulnerable. Please take some time to check out the awesome work Lisa and Mike are doing with EKOYou, they are a wealth of knowledge and truly care about nothing more than supporting people through the moments of life.

Continue reading “Lisa’s Story – How to be authentic”

When life gives you lemons – what do you do?

The saying goes “when life gives you lemons – make lemonade”. It’s easy to translate the meaning of this quote. As difficult as life may get, you can turn your lemons (difficult moments) into something great. It’s all about perception, and positivity. But when you’re in the thick of your lemons, it can actually be really hard!  Read more on EKOYou>


10 days into 2016 – it’s time to take action!

Happy 2016!

The festive season seemed to rush by in such a hurry, I’m a little sorry to see it go.  For the first time, we had both sides of our family at our home for Christmas celebrations over two days, and although it was hectic in the kitchen, it was such a great feeling!   Continue reading “10 days into 2016 – it’s time to take action!”