Today’s agenda with Miss Toddler – Christmas crafts

My latest in a growing list of reasons why I’m loving being a stay at home mum. Getting to do crafts with my little girl! Miss Toddler wasn’t able to go to playgroup today, as she has come down with a wheezy chesty cold, so I pulled out some Christmas crafts for her to do at home.  Now that she is old enough to enjoy craft activities, it’s great fun getting the boxes out and letting her explore. Although, I recently introduced her to Crayola Safety Scissors, and this morning I found her trying to give herself a haircut – thank goodness safety scissors are plastic!

We spent the morning making Christmas cards. Well – I made Christmas cards, and she made art. It reminded me of all the activities I used to do with the Brownies at this time of year, and made me happy I can now share these experiences with my daughter because I have time to. I’m not rushing out the door to work, to the gym, to Brownies. It’s a pretty great feeling I must say.

I’ve always been a keen craftsy person, wanting to be creative was part of the reason I left accounting, and probably the underlying force that pulled into marketing. This year, since I’m not working, and since my husband is constantly on my case about the boxes of crafts gear in our sleep out, I decided to save money and use up resources I would make my own Christmas cards. And It’s so much fun! I can’t remember the last time I actually got to write proper Christmas cards, let alone put some love into them and make them myself.

So that was our morning of fun, and now that both girls are asleep for the afternoon, I think I might take a nap too. That’s just another reason on my list of why I am loving staying at home – daytime naps!

Thanks for reading! I’d love to hear what you love about being at home, whether you’re a mum or not, we all have our favourite activities for relaxing and having fun, so why not share yours in the comments below.


6 thoughts on “Today’s agenda with Miss Toddler – Christmas crafts

  1. Loving your blogs Amy 🙂 Home for me is a place for family time, relaxation and work. Working at home has become a way of life that I wouldn’t change, that’s for sure. Working to a structured start and finish time is important for me… getting into a routine with flexibility to fit around the needs of the family is a big bonus of the working-at-home lifestyle. And being able to take the odd afternoon nap too 😉 x


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